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Breathing Air Systems

Wiltrading STACE are leaders in hyperbaric sales and service, delivering uniquely customised solutions for our clients. Our hyperbaric technicians are OEM accredited and experienced in testing, inspection, service, maintenance and recertification of breathing apparatus and compressors onshore and offshore.

We specialise in the supply and service of:

  • Breathing Air Compressors
  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
  • Breathing Air Cylinders
  • Emergency Escape Breathing Devices
  • Smoke hoods
  • Breathing Air Sample Analysis
  • Hydrostatic testing and certification
  • Hire of Breathing Apparatus
  • Servicing of individual components

Wiltrading STACE recognises that a reliable and fast turnaround time is critical for our customers and we are renowned for our prompt and efficient service. Wiltrading STACE provides customised solutions for each client's requirements, including service scheduling.

Servicing is completed to current standards and regulations as governed by national authority safety regulations, flag state, or OEM requirements.

Wiltrading STACE aims to deliver the highest quality breathing apparatus products and services available, exceeding the demands of the most safety conscious customer.

For more information on our technical and OEM accreditations click here.

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