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Specialised Fire Services

Wiltrading STACE have extensive capabilities in the service, maintenance and supply of fire equipment. We have a wealth of experience in working in high risk areas including offshore, marine, onshore gas plants, defence and mining.

Our expertise include:

  • Recertification of fire extinguishers in line with Australian Standards
  • Recertification of fire extinguishers in line with IMO requirements
  • Testing, service, inspection and maintenance of fire suppression systems to regulatory and OEM requirements.
  • Fire Suppression System servicing covers Inergen, Water Mist, Gaseous, Deck Integrated Fire Fighting Systems (DIFFS), Deluge, Foam, Spray Systems and Galley Systems.
  • Fire Protection Authority of Australia approved Extinguishing Agent Handling Licence, including Halon
  • Foam Sample Analysis
  • Testing of cylinders at our SAI Global approved test stations
  • Testing of hoses, hose reels, fire hydrants and fire monitors
  • Fire hoses can be tested and supplied with NATA endorsed certification if required
  • New supply of fire fighting appliances and apparatus

For more information on our technical accreditations or OEM accreditation, please click here.

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