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Lifeboats, Davits, Rescue Craft and Release Hooks

Wiltrading STACE specialise in lifeboat, davit and winch servicing and are marine industry leaders in inspection, service and certification.

With service expertise, OEM authorisation and genuine replacement parts, Wiltrading STACE offer unrivalled service qualifications with technicians trained by OEMs and hold current certification.

Wiltrading service teams constantly review and update work scope documentation including reporting and scheduled servicing with the latest proprietary manufacturer data available only within authorised OEM networks.

With our extensive experience, expertise and Class Approvals in this area, we are also able to carry out inspections under flag state approval.

Lifeboats, Fast Rescue Craft (FRC), Man Overboard (MOB) and Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB) maintenance includes:

  • Annual and five yearly inspection by OEM qualified service technicians.
  • Function testing of release hooks and winch mechanism.
  • Repair and recertification of damaged equipment.
  • Major refurbishment and life extension projects.

Davit & Winch inspection includes:

  • Full disassembly and inspection for deterioration and wear on gears, bearings, seals and brakes – both holding and lowering.
  • Checks for weakness and exposure.
  • Dynamic winch brake test to determine system integrity.
  • Change out of fall wires.
  • Repair of inoperative equipment.


  • Annual and five yearly service, inspection and repair by OEM trained and accredited technicians.
  • Exchange hooks offered for five yearly service.


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