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Mechanical Servicing

Wiltrading STACE exceeds the demands of today's quality conscious customer and provide the highest level of testing and certification services. We work confidently alongside our clients, providing experienced project-specific personnel and resources to achieve contractual and quality requirements safely.

Wiltrading STACE is renowned for high quality, efficient testing and certification services. Because we know that a fast turnaround time can often be critical, we specialise in expedited testing and certification. 

Mechanical Services offered include:

  • Cylinder testing to Australian Standards AS2030, AS2337 and to manufacturer's specifications
  • Required annual SCUBA cylinder hydrostatic testing to Australian standards
  • NATA inspections on pressure equipment and fabricated metal components and products
  • Servicing, testing and calibration of relief valves, valves and hoses
  • Testing and verification of pressure gauges

At Wiltrading STACE our size and superior access to equipment, facilities and products means we have the ability to conduct the entire work scope, from supply and installation through to service and repair, as well as testing and certifying. This ensures a rapid comprehensive service and the best possible value for our clients.

Valves, Pipe Work & Heat Exchangers involves:

  • Supply, testing and installation of valves and piping
  • Repair and overhaul of heat exchangers
  • In-situ chemical cleaning of heat exchangers and pipe systems

Our team consists of qualified personnel with a wealth of experience in supply, service, cleaning and installation of valves, vessels, pipework and heat exchangers.

We employ a number of mechanical fitters, pressure vessel inspectors and breathing apparatus & compressor technicians.

Nationally qualified to undertake the inspection of Pressure vessels categorised as hazard level B or C according to the criteria set out in AS 4343 and can assist with the registration of these vessels as required by state regulatory bodies.


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