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Wiltrading STACE awarded Shell Prelude FLNG Fire Fighting and Life Saving Systems services contract


Wiltrading STACE Pty Ltd. has been awarded a Shell Australia Pty Ltd. contract for an undisclosed sum for the provision of services and materials for fire fighting and life saving systems on-board the Prelude FLNG facility.


As a selected keystone contractor for Shell Prelude, Wiltrading STACE will be responsible for the inspection, maintenance, testing and certification of all fire fighting and life saving appliances on-board the Prelude FLNG facility, and will provide supervision and technical support to Shell Prelude’s technicians and operators. Wiltrading STACE will also assist Shell with the management of the Planned Maintenance Services through its Systems Asset  Management System, which will help reduce operational expenditure through the life of the contract.

Services will commence when the Shell Prelude FLNG facility is installed and commissioned off the northwest coast of Western Australia. The Prelude FLNG development will be Shell’s first deployment of its FLNG technology, and will allow for the production, liquefaction, storage and transfer of LNG at sea, as well as the ability to process and export liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and condensate.

Wiltrading STACE General Manager, Michael Connolly described the win as being in step with Wiltrading STACE’s strategy of providing a complete safety service offering to the Oil and Gas market and illustrates the confidence that Shell Australia shares in Wiltrading STACE.

“Given how paramount safety is for the Prelude FLNG facility, we are proud that Shell has entrusted our team to manage its fire fighting and life saving systems. This contract demonstrates Wiltrading STACE’s ability to perform significant supply and service contracts for large oil and gas companies,” said Mr Connolly.


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