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Wiltrading STACE: Proudly Investing in Local People and Skills Through Apprenticeships


At Wiltrading STACE, we understand that our People and their skills are paramount to our ability to provide excellent service and meet our Customers’ needs. Furthermore, we understand that the communities in which we operate, and our employees, should also benefit from our success.
As part of Wiltrading STACE’s commitment to local talent, we are proud to have had four apprentices who have completed a Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade, as well as having two current apprentices studying for the same qualification. In addition to this, we are looking to recruit another apprentice for this qualification.

The varied environments in which we work, the wide range of industries we operate in and our diverse customer and contract base, allows us to offer a unique and valuable training opportunity to our apprentices. This in turn ensures that we are investing in local Australian communities, passing on skills that our existing employees have gained through years of experience, and doing our part to build a better future for young Australians.


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