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Wiltrading STACE, together with Light Structures, get onboard Australia’s new state-of-the-art Antarctic Icebreaker


Light Structures AS is the world leading supplier of fibre optic hull and structure condition monitoring systems and has appointed Wiltrading STACE as their only authorised Sales & Service agent for Australia.

RSV Nuyina, due to arrive in Hobart in 2020, will be fitted with the latest fibre optic Ice Load Monitoring system. This system measures the actual load on the hull and displays the utilisation factor of the hull structure. The system features a bridge display for presenting actual loads in real time, contributing to safer and more effective operation by helping navigator to make better informed decisions.

Fibre optic systems offer excellent reliability and unique data quality compared to conventional technologies, and at the same time keeps the operational costs to a minimum by having no regular maintenance and calibration requirements. The patented SENSFIB product range includes Hull Stress Monitoring, Ice Load Monitoring, Sloshing Monitoring, and FPSO Monitoring. It provides operational data that gives crew and operators/managers real time vital information about the hull, containment system and structure. In addition to this, the systems are also logging stress data which can be used for active fatigue management and for producing relevant fatigue analysis reports. For more information on fibre optic hull stress monitoring systems and its benefits visit the Wiltrading STACE or Light Structures website.


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